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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saudi's :: succession gossip

Saudi king’s trip to US for medical treatment heightens kingdom succession gossip

His majesty, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, aka Khadim al-Haramayn (Servant of the Two Holy Places but his sycophants insist on calling him “Custodian”) is not well. In fact, so unwell that he had to be taken in wheelchair to a fully equipped luxury-fitted 747 Jumbo Jet before being flown to the US on November 22 (seeyoutube below). His majesty is fond of horses but unlike his mercurial colonel cousin of North Africa, who takes a bevy of lady bodyguards, tents and a few camels whose milk he cherishes because it fortifies him better than cow’s milk, did not take any horses onboard. At least we were not informed.

The government-owned and controlled Saudi media reported that he went for treatment for “back ailment” and a blood clot. The latter is serious and could lead to stroke or heart attack. It must have been so serious that his majesty could not be treated in the kingdom that never fails to boast about its health services or medical facilities but even at 87, his majesty does not trust Saudi doctors. Why risk your life in the hands of Saudi doctors that cannot even administer a flu vaccine without rupturing a person’s veins, especially when your time is so close to the end. The king is truly wise!

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