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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saudi's :: succession gossip

Saudi king’s trip to US for medical treatment heightens kingdom succession gossip

His majesty, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, aka Khadim al-Haramayn (Servant of the Two Holy Places but his sycophants insist on calling him “Custodian”) is not well. In fact, so unwell that he had to be taken in wheelchair to a fully equipped luxury-fitted 747 Jumbo Jet before being flown to the US on November 22 (seeyoutube below). His majesty is fond of horses but unlike his mercurial colonel cousin of North Africa, who takes a bevy of lady bodyguards, tents and a few camels whose milk he cherishes because it fortifies him better than cow’s milk, did not take any horses onboard. At least we were not informed.

The government-owned and controlled Saudi media reported that he went for treatment for “back ailment” and a blood clot. The latter is serious and could lead to stroke or heart attack. It must have been so serious that his majesty could not be treated in the kingdom that never fails to boast about its health services or medical facilities but even at 87, his majesty does not trust Saudi doctors. Why risk your life in the hands of Saudi doctors that cannot even administer a flu vaccine without rupturing a person’s veins, especially when your time is so close to the end. The king is truly wise!

Crescent International | read full report :

The Saudi succession will affect a broad circle of countries
By Theodore Karasik |  Saturday, December 18, 2010
The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::  Read more

Making fun of WikiLeaks:

thejuicemedia | December 17, 2010 : Rap News 6 - Wikileaks' Cablegate: the truth is out there.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wikileaks founder Assange bailed, but release delayed

Julian Assange in his prison van en route to court (pic: Dec 14)Julian Assange was photographed inside a prison van on his way to court

The founder of whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been granted bail in London on conditions including cash guarantees of £240,000.
But he will remain in prison pending an appeal against the bail decision lodged by Swedish prosecutors.
Mr Assange is fighting extradition to Sweden, where he is accused of sexually assaulting two women earlier this year.
He denies the charges, which he says are politically motivated and designed to discredit him.

BBC News | 14 December 2010 - read full post :

The BBC news stated comments that hail the British legal systems such as :

1. Following the bail decision, human rights activist Bianca Jagger said: "I was very pleased with what happened and I am glad that due process has taken place. I trust the British legal system and I hope justice will be done."

2 - Author Yvonne Ridley said: "It is a victory for common sense. If he had been refused bail, it would have meant the court had become a political arena."

What should also be noted too is the punch line, cited below which is like a close or conclusion to the whole news,  which reads :-

The latest release, published by the Guardian newspaper, shows that the US had concerns after the 7 July bombings that the UK was not doing enough to tackle home-grown extremists. 
:: See my short comments in ::

United States is the largest criminal in the world and he didn't want to be a part of it.

RTAmerica | August 04, 2010 - As the economy has not rebounded and jobs continue to be scarce around the country, many US citizens are renouncing their citizenship and moving abroad. Mike Golguski says that the United States is the largest criminal in the world and he didn't want to be a part of it. He also says that he is not anti-American but is anti-US government.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The history of US leaks :

Richard Nixon resigningPerhaps the US's most famous leak led to Nixon's demise

Related stories

The publication of a slew of documents relating to the war in Afghanistan represents one of the largest ever leaks, but what role has illicit information played in US politics?
Perhaps the most famous political scandal in US history also represents the most notorious leak.
The supply of information that "Deep Throat" - later revealed to be FBI deputy director Mark Felt - provided led reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to uncover the Watergate scandal.
Without the illicit information it is hard to imagine the full extent of the cover-up over the burglary of the Democratic National Committee offices would have come to light, or that President Richard Nixon would have been forced to resign.
The Pentagon Papers was another leak that had a major impact.
A study of the US military's role in Vietnam (formerly Indochina) from 1945 to 1967, they were supplied to a New York Times journalist in 1971.
The publication, which the Nixon administration tried to stop, revealed details about the way the war had been escalated which seemed to contradict what the public had been told by the previous administration of President Lyndon Johnson.
Indeed, many leaks originate in the world of the military or intelligence, where whistleblowers justify the release of sensitive documents by arguing that their classified status would mean wrongdoing might not be revealed.

BBC News | 26 July 2010 - read full report :

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cancun climate summit.

AlJazeeraEnglish | December 11, 2010 - World leaders make another effort to tackle climate change - but with competing interests, can they reach a deal?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Empty Words: US human rights

62 years ago, the United Nations adopted its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, making today, International Human Rights Day. America's first lady at the time, Eleanor Roosevelt helped inspire the 1948 agreement. A global pledge critics say the US is failing to follow.

RussiaToday | December 11, 2010 - Events across America to mark Human Rights Day were designed to underline the country's perception of itself, as a leading light on protecting freedom. But some of the country's activists are not convinced. And recent UN criticism is leaving Washington battling to restore its reputation on rights. Marina Portnaya reports.

Christmas toy market faces China crisis.

China Toys and Uighurs.

It's November, and by mid-afternoon London's streets are already shrouded in autumnal twilight. There's a bitter chill in the air.

Yet the city's shopping districts are brightly lit, colourfully decorated and thronging with people. Christmas may be more than a month away, but in the slightly surreal world of seasonal retailing, it's here already.

But this year, the risk of a toy shortage is higher than ever. And this time, the reason lies in China, where a large proportion of the toys sold in Europe and North America are made.

Most of China's toy factories are based in the south of the country, in southern coastal areas such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

In the past, these factories have relied on a steady, and cheap, supply of migrant labour from poorer parts of the country where work has been less readily available.

Now, though, the supply is drying up. The government in Beijing has been investing huge sums recently to promote development in inland regions.

Plus some other reasons - read full reports | BBC news 17 November 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wikileaks defended by Anonymous hacktivists .

Internet hacktivists have fired the latest salvo in the Wikileaks infowar.

A group called Anonymous has hit sites that have refused to do business with the controversial whistle-blowing site with a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks.

It mirrors similar attacks aimed at the Wikileaks site.

Targets include the Swiss bank that froze founder Julian Assange's (pic) assets and PayPal which has stopped processing donations to Wikileaks.

Anonymous is a loose-knit group of hacktivists, with links to the notorious message board 4chan.

"We feel that Wikileaks has become more than just about leaking of documents, it has become a war ground, the people vs. the government,"

BBC News :: 7 Dec2010 - read full post

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Education?? international education market is worth 45 billion Dollars

worldbusiness | November 29, 2010 - World Business: The market for international education is worth 45 billion Dollars a year and marketers have China firmly in their sights. But not all are focused on attracting "nouveau-riche" Chinese students to campuses abroad. Some of the most respected English private schools are expanding in the People's Republic itself.

Reporter: Nick Mackie

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cancun Change Climate summit begins

in Mexico | VOAvideo | November 30, 2010 - The United Nations Climate Change Conference got underway in the Mexican beach resort of Cancun Monday with calls for decisive action to curb greenhouse gas emissions worldwide as part of an effort to curb global warming. But, as VOA's Greg Flakus reports from Cancun, participants are looking for advances on a handful of issues rather than an overall agreement that would legally bind nations to reduce emissions.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

194 Countries will participate in Cancun Climate Submit

Global warming tops Cancun summit:

1. America has not even signed the 1997 Kyoto Protocal.
2. Advance countries failed to honour last year's Copenhagen financial undertaking.

AlJazeeraEnglish | November 29, 2010 - Experts believe 2010's severe weather changes hit the poorest communities around the world hardest. This is further evidence of the devastating effects of global warming.

The Cancun UN climate summit will seek a commitment to keep global carbon dioxide emissions low, after the failure in the last climate meeting in Copenhagen.

Though the challenges remain the same there are those who question whether the Cancun summit can combine mapping out a global vision on how to deal with climate change along with finding ways to pay for it.

Al Jazeera's Mariana Sanchez reports from Mexico City.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Germany & China - poise to be the next superpowers.

:: With the economic downturn ::

November 26, 2010 - Max Keiser, financial analyst and host of RT's Keiser Report says Germany is ready to emerge as the world's new superpower.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Biogas solution in India.

AlJazeeraEnglish | November 25, 2010 - A company in southern India has come up with a viable way for poor households to help themselves.The locally-made biogas plant, filled with bacteria found in the stomachs of cows, silently and odorlessly converts food waste and into gas.

More than 20,000 homes in Kerala have installed the hand made plant, and the money they save pays off the machine in less than three years.Their home cooking, they say, tastes all the better for its green credentials.

Al Jazeera's Tarek Bazley reports from Thiruvananthapuram, India, on a solution in India that's got plenty of merit when it comes to powering homes in areas of the developing world often beset by power cuts.

Student fury fills London, PIGS may bring down Euro or EU!

RussiaToday | November 25, 2010 - Calm is being restored in central London after a day of violent protests. Thousands of students took to the streets to demonstrate against government plans to increase university tuition fees and slash teaching budgets. Elsewhere in Europe, public discontent is mounting as the single currency plunges deeper into crisis. It's feared Portugal could be next in the line for EU aid.

* PIGS refer to Portugal, Ireland, Greece & Spain.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Irish graduates look abroad for jobs.

AlJazeeraEnglish | November 19, 2010 - With Ireland on the brink of accepting a massive financial bailout, times are tough for job seekers.

As the boom has collapsed into a bust, a new wave of Irish workers are leaving home, just like generations before them.

Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher reports from Dublin.

What VoA says about Maids in Malaysia :

VOAvideo | November 19, 2010 - Cambodian women are increasingly finding work as domestic labor in Malaysia. But in their rush to employment, some are finding little protection from abuse at work. Like many developing countries, Cambodia is trying to find ways to protect its migrant workers. VOA's Brian Calvert reports from Preah Vihear province.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Russia rediscovers old farming methods.

AlJazeeraEnglish | November 15, 2010 - Russian farmers have rediscovered old agricultural techniques to make large swathes of desolate land fruitful again.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, farmlands in thousands of villages were abandoned as residents migrated to cities seeking better lives.

But now entrepreneurs are using the land to produce organic foods in an effort to appeal to a growing, health conscious, middle class.

Neave Barker reports from Moshnitsy, a village northwest of Moscow.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video of Aung San Suu Kyi released, met by cheering crowd

RussiaToday | November 13, 2010 - Myanmar's military government freed democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Saturday after her latest term of detention expired. Several thousand jubilant supporters streamed to her residence. A smiling Suu Kyi, wearing a traditional jacket and a flower in her hair, appeared at the gate of her compound as the crowd chanted, cheered and sang the national anthem.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Britain prepares to mark Armistice Day.

itnnews | November 10, 2010 - An unusual memorial has already been held as Britain prepares to mark Armistice Day.

BBC News - 11 November 2010 Armistice Day to be marked in UK:

Millions of people are expected to observe a two-minute silence at 1100GMT to mark Armistice Day.

Ceremonies will take place across the UK to honour all who have fallen since WWI, including the 110 servicemen killed in Afghanistan in the past year.

In London, a service will be held for the 90th time at the Cenotaph memorial.

Meanwhile, David Cameron has layed a wreath at the site of the Army's bloodiest battle since the end of WWII - at the Imjin River in South Korea.

Some 59 men from the 1st Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment, died and 526 were captured when they were cut off by vastly superior Chinese Communist forces during the Battle of the Imjin River in the Korean War in 1951. Another 34 men died in captivity.

Read full Report :

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Native Americans' unkept promises.

AlJazeeraEnglish | November 06, 2010 - Native Americans overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election.

That support was due in part to his campaign promises to improve reservation life.

But many Native Americans are still looking for guarantees on land and water rights, in addition to Obama's signature on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports from the Navajo Nation, a semi-autonomous Native American-governed territory, in Monument Valley, Utah.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day of clashes in Germany over nuclear waste train.

Video of 'nuclear train' clashes :


Activists in northern Germany have been fighting running battles with police, trying to halt a train carrying nuclear waste from France.

Officers used batons, pepper spray, tear gas and water cannon to disperse at least 1,000 protesters who were trying to sabotage railway tracks.

The protesters hurled fireworks and set a police car on fire near Dannenberg.

Earlier, the train was halted after activists lowered themselves on ropes from a bridge over the tracks.

Sunday's clashes took place near Dannenberg - the final destination for the train before the waste is loaded onto lorries and taken to a storage facility.

Read full report :

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Light For All!

france24english | October 29, 2010 - That was President Lula's promise - a programme designed to bring electricity to the millions of Brazilians who don?t have any. In Amazonia, on the shores of Lake Cunia, we followed the work of the "Light For All" team.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


TheRealNews | September 05, 2010 - Chris Hedges: "When you have bankrupt liberalism you descend into moral nihilism".

War on Terror/ Liberty/ Sovereignty.

GGN News Analysis :: October 22, 2010

courtesy : ddarko2012 | October 22, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is this what a democratic republic is all about?

Protesters called it reformed protest..Authorities call it riot..
Terrorism initiated by the Rich: Allow the rich to hijack the economic of the country, then make the authorities to send in the police to crush the people's protest ?

RussiaToday | October 19, 2010 - Masked youths clashed with police and set fires in cities across France on Tuesday as protests against a proposed hike in the retirement age took an increasingly radical turn. President Nicolas Sarkozy pledged to crack down on "troublemakers" and guarantee public order, raising the possibility of more confrontations with young rioters after a week of disruptive but largely nonviolent demonstrations. More than 200 protests and one-day strikes by workers in sectors across the French economy were planned around the country over a bill raising the retirement age to 62. In many cities, protesters were being joined by young people who appeared to be seizing an opportunity to lash out at police. Protests turned violent in the central city of Lyon, where rioters smashed several store windows and torched rubbish bins and cars. Police used tear gas in an attempt to disperse trouble makers.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dual citizenship under the current era of suspicion and terror fears

The Jihad temptation

france24english | October 12, 2010 - This edition of FOCUS takes a look at the role of dual citizenship under the current era of suspicion and terror fears

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Google's 'Robocars' Drive Hands-Free

October 11, 2010 - Google tested its Toyota Prius robot car on California streets with minimal problems.

Running On Lithium : Will this technology be on!

journeymanpictures | October 07, 2010 - Are backyard engineers pioneering the future of the electric car? As street-legal electric cars race against muscle cars, this documentary provides a thrilling insight into the future of renewable energy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Int'l Effort to Criminalize War

TheRealNews | September 19, 2010 - Debate about "crime of aggression" at conference of prosecutors from international tribunals.

Watch a multi-part episode

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A woman executed in the US - Qisas? Why the fuss all this while?

US grandmother set to be executed:

AlJazeeraEnglish | September 23, 2010 - The US state of Virginia is set to execute by lethal injection a 41-year-old grandmother, the first woman to be put to death in Virginia in almost 100 years.

The US Supreme Court late Tuesday rejected a last-minute reprieve for Teresa Lewis, who will receive a lethal injection at 0100 GMT on Friday morning.

The court said in its brief ruling that the stay of execution requested by Lewis "is denied."

She was found guilty of hiring two men to kill her husband and step-son for life insurance money in 2002.

div style="text-align: justify;">

Al Jazeera's Josh Rushing reports

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


How Safe Would Genetically Modified Salmon Be to Eat? Video 1

Frankenfish: Genetically engineered salmon - Video 2

Gene-Modified Salmon Nears Approval - Video 3

PBSNewsHour | September 20, 2010 - Read the Transcript: http://to.pbs.org/9LSISk

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is in the process of making a decision on whether genetically modified salmon is safe for people to eat. Margaret Warner runs a debate on the pros and cons of loosening restrictions on GM foods.

RTAmerica | September 07, 2010

Genetically engineered seeds are not breaking news; however a biotech company called AquaBounty has been working on genetically engineered salmon. The fish will be a combination of Atlantic salmon and part Ocean Pout. Jeffrey M. Smith says that it is ridiculous to evaluate the safety of this food with no long term feeding studies six and refuses to consume this genetically engineered salmon, if approved.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A protester for the ages: people need water not weapons!

Western Mass. activist, 91, holds tight to liberal causes

Frances Crowe’s first arrest was as a Vietnam War protester in 1972, in Chicopee. “I have a vision of a better world,” she said.
Frances Crowe’s first arrest was as a Vietnam War protester in 1972, in Chicopee. 
“I have a vision of a better world,” she said. (Yoon S. Byun/ Globe Staff)

NORTHAMPTON — Authorities dragged the short woman with white hair out of her congressman’s Springfield office while she protested the Iraq war. She spent a month in federal prison after painting “Thou shalt not kill’’ on missile tubes of nuclear submarines in Connecticut. She has been arrested nine times for trespassing at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

When asked how often she has been hauled away for acts of civil disobedience, Frances Crowe responds with a smile: “Not enough.’’

At age 91, and less than a month after her latest arrest, the veteran protester — who favors socks with sandals, thick glasses, and oversized pins with bold-lettered messages — has no plans to stop agitating.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The U.S. must endorse the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Now!

Of the 143 member states who adopted the UN Declaration to protect the rights of indigenous people in 2007, the U.S. was not one of them.

In fact, the U.S. was one of only four member states who voted against it.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is a non-legally binding human rights instrument which affirms universal minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well being of all Indigenous Peoples. Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, the UNDRIP recognizes the right of Indigenous Peoples as both a collective and as individuals, to fully enjoy their basic human rights - including Indigenous cultural rights and identity and the right to education, health, employment, and language. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Preparing the world for Islam!

Ageing Population & Population Pyramids:

An examination of world populations and birth rate patterns: for a country's population to remain constant the average birth-rate needs to be around two children per couple; if the birth-rate drops below two then the population numbers will start to decrease over time, nearly all countries in Europe have a birth rate below two; for a developing country, the population pyramid continues to grow, a developed country's population pyramid bulges in the middle before decreasing in size; in the baby boom years the birth rate was high, as this group gets older, but if there are less babies the population pyramid changes, so now we have an ageing population with fewer younger people to support them.

BP Says Oil Leak Stopped, temporarily.

VOAvideo | July 15, 2010 - BP says oil has stopped leaking into the Gulf for the first time since April 20 and the deadly explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig. BP had been slowly dialing down the flow as part of a test on a new containment cap. But as Mil Arcega reports, engineers are monitoring the situation closely to make sure the latest containment effort holds.

Investors watch BP cap as shares jump:

itnnews | July 16, 2010 - Analysts predict a further rise in BP's shares if the capped-well holds.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Compress Air Vehicle!

No more fossil fuel, No Nuclear for M'sia? Wind, Air and plenty of sun for Solar Energy that what we should tap. 

Why haven't they mass produce this, it was said more than 5 years ago to be practical & feasible. Is there a conspiracy and/or cartel that prevented this?
- The only thing holding back the widespread application of this technology seems to be will.

2009 Geneva Motor Show: MDI Compressed Air Car - Exclusive

TheAutoChannel | April 19, 2009 - Get the complete story on compressed air-powered cars at TheAutoChannel.com.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pod Cars!

worldbusiness | July 06, 2010 - World Business: Stockholm is one of several Swedish cities planning to introduce pod cars. The pods travel magnetically on rails and are seen as the transport of the future, using next to no energy and yet still boasting the convenience of taxis. But do the futuristic pods have the potential profitability to take off globally?

Reporter: Charlotte Windle

Signs of Peace in Burundi & lethal leftover weapons

These videos will give us a shocking revelations of the amount of weapons in Africe - who are the culprits that have been guilty of laundering the massive amount weapons in Africa. This make peace seems elusive and deaths due to the left overs weapons kills long after the war stops, leftover grenades, rockets, land mines  and cluster bombs!

TheNewYorkTimes | June 16, 2008 - Burundians hope that recent developments may lead to peace in their country for the first time in 15 years.(Vid 1)

AlJazeeraEnglish | July 06, 2010 - Burundi's 15-year civil war ended in 2008, but the country still bears the burden of the violent conflict.

Stockpiles of leftover weapons have found their way into Burundi's towns and villages and are often used to settle personal scores.

Al Jazeera's Malcolm Webb has this report from the capital, Bujumbura. (Vid 2)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Google in China: Censorship vs Economic Gain

france24english | July 01, 2010

TALKING POINTS - Relations between the American search giant and Beijing have been tense since Google stated it no longer wanted to cooperate with the Chinese government's web filtering. Google closed its China-based search engine and rerouted users to its unfiltered Hong Kong site. But the company stopped the automatic switching this week. So is Google doing too much to please Beijing and tap into the lucrative Chinese market?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wall Street Reform

Beyond laizze faire - runs amok

NancyPelosi | June 30, 2010 - Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke on the House floor in support of the conference report of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which passed the House this evening by a vote of 237 to 192. The legislation now goes to the Senate, which is expected to approve it soon and send it to President Obama for his signature into law.

Learn more about the bill at http://www.speaker.gov/newsroom/legislation?id=0382

Gerald Celente: Wall Street Bill a Joke

RussiaToday | June 26, 2010 - The U.S. Congress has all but finalized what's been described as the biggest reform of the country's financial regulations, since the Great Depression.

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Launch HMG Your Freedom!

Clegg asks British people: “What is freedom to you?”

CAB 116-10  1 July 2010

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will today issue a call to arms against pointless regulation and unnecessary bureaucracy, asking the public how they want the Government to redress the balance between the citizen and the state. 

The Your Freedom website at www.hmg.gov.uk/yourfreedom [External website] is an opportunity for anyone to suggest ideas on restoring liberties that have been lost, repealing unnecessary laws and stripping away excessive regulation on businesses. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bhopal's long wait for justice.

June 24, 2010 | The Indian government has said it will seek the extradition from the US of the former Chief Executive of Union Carbide, to face trial for the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy.

Warren Anderson was head of Union Carbide when a toxic leak at its factory in Bhopal killed thousands of people. Video below:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BP boss hands over control of Gulf spill.

itnnews — June 23, 2010 — Under-fire BP boss Tony Hayward has handed over day-to-day control of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Massive Gulf Oil Spill.

President Obama Vows Full Recovery

VOAvideo — June 08, 2010 — U.S. President Barack Obama is vowing that America will overcome the environmental and economic crisis caused by that massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the federal official in charge of the cleanup says a wellhead cap is helping to contain nearly 1,750,000 liters of oil daily. VOA's Robert Raffaele has more.

June 08, 2010 - B.P Timeline ....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sustainable farming & FRESH - Ana Sofia Joanes.

June 07, 2010 — In this Earth Focus interview, filmmaker Ana Sofia Joanes speaks about her new film "Fresh," and points out why today's industrial agriculture is unsustainable. "Fresh" promotes a new way of food production, celebrating fresh, earth-friendly food.

Interview with documentary filmmaker Ana Sofia Jones

Earth Focus Interview: Ana Sofia Joanes

A Bad Day For Fossil Fuels! - Human Casualties.

No One Knows ....

Why Things Are Happening The Way They Are In The Gulf Clean Up

Monday, June 7, 2010

Witness - The Iraqi Candidate: The Result.

AlJazeeraEnglish — June 07, 2010 — Abdulrahman Dheyab, an Iraqi living in London, wanted to serve his home country, so he decided to return to Iraq to stand as a candidate in the 2010 parliamentary elections. With not much more than his convictions and a taste for grassroots politics, he traveled back to his home village and started his political campaign from scratch. Witness followed Abdulrahman from London as he returned home full of dreams. But the cut and thrust of Iraqi politics proved to be even dirtier than he expected. Now, in the second of two programmes, we pick up his story in the final weeks leading up to election day. Will he be able to realise his fervent dream, for which he has risked so much, or will his idealism turn out to have been misplaced?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Amnesty International Releases 2010 Human Rights Report .

VOAvideo — May 27, 2010 — Amnesty International's latest human rights report says overall, the past year has been a landmark period for international justice. But the report finds there are still governments that the organization says stand above the law on human rights. Amnesty says many people around the world are suffering from poverty and repression. VOA's Elizabeth Lee has more.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - A Doomsday scenario!

BP COO not certain 'top kill' will work BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

If this engineer is right, this is truly a scary scenario!  Here's his story. 
"Heard your mention of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico this morning, and you (and most everyone else except maybe George Noory) are totally missing the boat on how big and bad of a disaster this is.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ethiopian polls open - ( Issues just like Malaysia.)

AlJazeeraEnglish — May 22, 2010 — Voting is underway in Ethiopia, in legislative elections that are set to be a stiff test of the country's democracy.

Menes Zelawi, the current prime minister, is expected to be returned as leader, after 19 years in power.

But the opposition is already crying foul, with memories of the 2005 election that led to widespread bloodshed still fresh in the minds of many Ethiopians.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

US Nuclear Arsenal

PressTVGlobalNews — News Analysis-US Nuclear Arsenal : May 15, 2010 — Is Obama serious about the global nuclear disarmament?

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Sanitation and Water for All" meeting opens

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 11 May 2010 UNICEF recently hosted the historic first annual High-Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water for All at World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC.

Sanitation and Water for All is a global partnership aimed at achieving universal and sustainable access to sanitation and drinking-water by firmly placing the issue on the global agenda. Its immediate focus is achieving the water- and sanitation-related Millennium Development Goals in the countries that are most off-track for reaching the MDG targets.

In this video, UNICEF Chief of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Clarissa Brocklehurst speaks about involving all sectors to increase investment in safe water and sanitation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Imam Khamenei's fatwa on banning WMDs registered as UN document.

Iran’s permanent envoy to the UN, Mohammad Khazaii, announced that the text of the Imam Khemenei's message to the conference on nuclear disarmament in Tehran, that declared weapons of mass destruction as haram (unlawful), was registered as an official UN document on Thursday.

ABNA.ir -  24 Apr 2010 , World Shia Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a message to the Tehran conference on April 17, declared the use of weapons of mass destruction as haram (forbidden in Islam). 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Indian miracle

TheRealNews — April 24, 2010 — Jayati Ghosh: 110 million living well, hundreds of millions in abject poverty who make growth possible.

I have seen the growth in my nation recently, i found this video and her points to be absolutely correct and very reasonable, great job real news.

That's right! Globalization - Neoliberalism is modern-day imperialism - It's a scam that echoes the old adage: "The rich gets richer while the poor gets screwed up."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

MS. Roza Otunbayeva had taken over the government of Kyrgyzstan.

100 die as Kyrgyz leader ousted

The Scotsman | By Olga Dzyubenko and Maria Golovnina - 08 April 2010

OPPOSITION leaders last night said they had seized power in Kyrgyzstan, taking control of security headquarters, a state TV channel and other government buildings after violent clashes with police.

Protesters said at least 100 people were killed yesterday. A health ministry official put the death toll in the capital Bishkek at 47, and said 420 people had been injured.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UK, Election fever on first day of campaigning

itnnews — April 06, 2010 — Busy day of canvassing and campaigning for all three parties as Gordon Brown announces Election day as May 6.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Singapore policies force some onto streets

AlJazeeraEnglish — April 05, 2010 — Singapore is a nation of homeowners, largely thanks to a comprehensive system of government subsidised housing.

But despite the system's overall success, the strict rules also mean that some people fall through the cracks.

For example, anyone selling their government subsidised house is not allowed to rent one within 30 months. That policy has had unexpected repercussions for divorcees, as Laura Kyle reports.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jesse Ventura and US conspiracies.

AJE    |    Riz   Khan  -   The controversial author reveals how much of the truth is left of US history.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iran-Pakistan 'peace pipeline' deal.

AlJazeeraEnglish | March 09, 2010 - Iran and Pakistan have signed a $7.5bn deal to build a pipeline that will transport massive quantities of natural gas between the two countries.

Dubbed the "peace pipeline", the deal is expected to significantly improve ties between the countries.

Al Jazeera spoke to Reza Amanat, a energy markets reporter, about the deal and how it will affect relations between Pakistan and Iran.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brown denies cash restrictions for Iraq war.

March 05, 2010 - Gordon Brown has told the Chilcot Inquiry that he never restricted funding to the frontline during the Iraq war.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Truth does matter : 9-11 Probe

9/11 Probe: Americans vote for answers

March 04, 2010 | RT A new movement to re-investigate the 9/11 attacks, is gaining pace in the U.S. With major public support, 12 towns are set to decide whether to ask the federal government for a new independent probe. RT's Marina Portnaya spoke to some of the activists, to find out why they want the case re-visited.