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Monday, April 26, 2010

Imam Khamenei's fatwa on banning WMDs registered as UN document.

Iran’s permanent envoy to the UN, Mohammad Khazaii, announced that the text of the Imam Khemenei's message to the conference on nuclear disarmament in Tehran, that declared weapons of mass destruction as haram (unlawful), was registered as an official UN document on Thursday.

ABNA.ir -  24 Apr 2010 , World Shia Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a message to the Tehran conference on April 17, declared the use of weapons of mass destruction as haram (forbidden in Islam). 

Iran regards utilizing nuclear weapons as haram and it is incumbent on everyone to safeguard humanity from such weapons, the Leader stated in his message. 

Khazaii said the proposal for official registration of the Leader’s message and the final statement of the Tehran conference was submitted to the UN secretary general and the Security Council chairman and it was approved by the countries’ ambassadors to the UN. 

The senior Iranian diplomat also said the nuclear disarmament conference was clear evidence proving Iran’s opposition to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The diplomat also urged the international community to heed the dangers of failing to fully observe the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 

He added that the Leader’s message shows that Iran is sincere in its drive to use nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes. -